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North Stoneham Farm

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This article is about the farm adjoining the River Itchen, and must be distinguished from Park Farm at North Stoneham Park.

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‘A road of communication ... here passes over the Itchen, and soon afterwards the towing path, crossing to the left bank of the river, displays a well watered plain, wider and richer in meadows than at any other part of its course. The farms of Chickenhall and Stoneham extend their corn lands to the very brink of the water ... a picturesque fishing lodge erected by John Fleming, Esq. ornaments the central meadows.’ -John Duthy, 1839
Aerial view of North Stoneham Farm in the 1930s
Aerial view of North Stoneham Farm in the 1930s

North Stoneham Farm, also known as Stoneham Farm, was the principal farm on the Stoneham Estate. It comprised 521 acres in 1913. It was surveyed by John Whitcher in 1818.

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Tenants of North Stoneham Farm

  • Thomas Houghton (1727[1])
  • Edward Bridger (1792[2], 1810[3])
  • James Parmiter (-1835[4])
  • William & Edward Snook (1837[5])
  • Richard King (1851[6])
  • William Budd (1856)
  • Thomas Culliford (1866)
  • David Way (1861[7], 1872, 1880[8])
  • William Mowle Arnold (1900, 1901[9])
  • Alfred Brown Limited (1913, 1920)


Building, field, &c.AcreageMap no.1818 Map no.
Blackheath Peak Coppice197
Common Meadow207
Cottages & Garden220
Doncaster Turtnam190
Duck Decoy pond & land214
Far Blackheath Peak198
Fishing Lodge
Glebe Meadow & Island201
Great Blackheath194
Great Honey Meadow213
Great Oxlease, Great Oxleys208
Great Red Field222
Great Turtnam164
Green Turtnam191
Inholmes Meadow204
Little Blackheath192
Little Oxlease212
Little Red Field223
Little Turtnam165
Lock Cottage & garden203
Middle Blackheath193
Middle Field225
Moor Furlong221
Near Blackheath Peak196
North Meadow202
Piece by old river211
Piece in Chicknall meadow199
Piece in Chicknall meadow & island200
River Blackheath195
Shepherds Field224
Slip in W Smythe Esq. ten Acres209
South Meadow215
South part of Great Honey Meadow216
The Feed of Little Honey Meadow217
The Feed of W Smythe Esq. ten Acres210
The Homestead of North Stoneham Farm206
The Islands529234
The Paddock205


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