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Terrier of the Stoneham Estates, 1880 (by Estate Plan number)

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See also as listed alphabetically by tenant.

Terrier of the Stoneham Estates, 1880, listed by number on the Estate Plan. The tenants of single cottages with no land holdings are not named and are described only as 'sundry tenant(s)'.


No. on Estate PlanDescription given in TerrierName of tenantPlace
25WoodIn Hand
26WoodIn Hand
27PastureThomas Vine
28PastureThomas Vine
29Hut Inn and buildingsThomas VineHut Inn
30ArableThomas Vine
31ArableThomas Vine
32ArableThomas Vine
33ArableThomas Vine
35WoodIn Hand
36PastureJohn Cox
37Cottage and gardenJohn Cox
38PastureThomas Vine
39PastureRichard Priddle
40ArableRichard Priddle
41WoodIn Hand
42ArableRichard Priddle
43ArableRichard Priddle
44PastureRichard Priddle
45PastureRichard Priddle
46WoodIn Hand
47ArableRichard Priddle
47aRoadwayRichard Priddle
48PastureRichard Priddle
49WoodIn Hand
50WoodIn Hand
52PastureRichard Priddle
53Rough pastureRichard Priddle
54WoodIn Hand
55ArableRichard Priddle
56ArableRichard Priddle
57ArableRichard Priddle
58ArableRichard Priddle
59PastureRichard Priddle
60ArableRichard Priddle
61ArableRichard Priddle
67ArableRichard Priddle
68House, buildings &cRichard Priddle
69ArableRichard Priddle
72ArableRichard Priddle
73ArableRichard Priddle
82aArableThomas Culliford
85ArableThomas Culliford
86ArableThomas Culliford
87Cottage and gardenThomas Culliford
88Cottage and gardenRichard Priddle
89Cottage and gardenThomas Culliford
90ArableRichard Priddle
91ArableRichard Priddle
92ArableRichard Priddle
93Sundry tenant(s)
94GardenRichard Priddle
96Sundry tenant(s)
97House and buildingsThomas CullifordHome Farm (Stoneham)
98ArableThomas Culliford
101WoodThomas Culliford
102PastureThomas Culliford
104Sundry tenant(s)Stoneham Estate Cottage No. 47
105ArableThomas Culliford
107ArableThomas Culliford
108ArableThomas Culliford
109ArableThomas Culliford
110PastureThomas Culliford
111Sundry tenant(s)
112Sundry tenant(s)
113ArableThomas Culliford
114WoodIn Hand
115Sundry tenant(s)
116Sundry tenant(s)
117Sundry tenant(s)
118Sundry tenant(s)
119Sundry tenant(s)
120Sundry tenant(s)
121WoodIn Hand
122ArableThomas Culliford
123ArableThomas Culliford
124WoodIn Hand
125Rough pasture &cIn Hand
126PastureEdward Brown
127Rough pastureEdward Brown
128ArableEdward Brown
129Sundry tenant(s)
130Sundry tenant(s)
131Sundry tenant(s)Stoneham Estate Cottages Nos. 45-46
132Sundry tenant(s)Stoneham Estate Cottages Nos. 39-44
133PastureJohn Martin
134ArableJohn Cox
135PastureJohn Cox
136ArableAmos Worner
137Sundry tenant(s)Stoneham Estate Cottage No. 22
138Sundry tenant(s)Stoneham Estate Cottage No. 21
139Gardens &cEdward Brown
140Cottage and gardenEdward BrownStoneham Estate Cottage No. 20
141ArableEdward BrownBellingers Common and Lower Ten Acres
142ArableEdward Brown
143Buildings &cEdward BrownCommon Barn Farm
144ArableEdward Brown
145PlantationIn Hand
146WoodIn Hand
147PastureJoseph Bull
148PastureJoseph Bull
149BrickfieldJoseph Bull
150ArableJoseph Bull
151ArableJoseph Bull
152House, buildings &cJoseph Bull
153PastureJoseph Bull
154PastureJoseph Bull
155Cottage and gardenJoseph Bull
156PastureJoseph Bull
157PastureJoseph Bull
158GardenJoseph Bull
159WoodIn HandHut Wood
160CommonIn Hand
161 (in)BrickyardMessrs Bull
161 (in)Brickyard &cWilliam Bushell
161CommonIn Hand
161aOld roadwayIn Hand
161 (in)House and grounds, brickyard &cFredrick Slade
162House and landWilliam Bushell
163House and landVesey Bramfield
164 (in)CommonVesey Bramfield
164CommonIn Hand
165WoodIn Hand
166PastureMrs Day
166Rough pastureIn Hand
167Rough pastureJohn CoxInclosure east of the Hut
168 (in)House and groundsEdward BrownHicknor Hill
168Wood &cIn HandHicknor Hill
169Sundry tenant(s)The Furze Field
170ArableEdward BrownCommon Close
171ArableEdward BrownBrick Kiln Field & Coppice
172WoodIn Hand
173WoodIn HandHome Wood
174ArableEdward BrownHigh Port Field
175PastureAmos WornerHigh Port Meadow
176PastureC H DorringtonWood Field
176ArableGeorge WestWood Field
177WoodIn HandAvenue Park
177PastureAmos WornerAvenue Park
178Old Gravel pitC H Dorrington
178ArableAmos Worner
179ArableC H Dorrington
179Sundry tenant(s)
180Cottage and gardenC H DorringtonThe Barracks
180Sundry tenant(s)The Barracks
181Sundry tenant(s)Stoneham Estate Cottages Nos. 26-31
182House, buildings &cJohn CoxCricketers Arms
183ArableJohn Cox
184ArableJohn Cox
185Sundry tenant(s)
186Pasture &cJohn Martin
187PastureJohn Martin
188Sundry tenant(s)Stoneham Estate Cottages Nos. 37-38
189Sundry tenant(s)Stoneham Estate Cottages Nos. 37-38
190Sundry tenant(s)Stoneham Estate Cottages Nos. 35-36
191Blacksmiths ShopJohn MartinStoneham Estate Cottage No. 33
192ArableAmos WornerThe Eight Acres
193HomesteadAmos Worner
194PondIn HandAvenue Pond
195PastureAmos WornerMays Meadow
196PastureAmos WornerAvenue Park
197PastureGeorge WestAvenue Park
198WoodIn Hand
199PastureGeorge West
200PondIn HandPark Pond
201PastureH G Dear
202PastureGeorge West
203PondIn HandShrubbery Pond
204Mansion, grounds, shrubberies &cIn HandNorth Stoneham House
206PastureThomas BrazierThe Old Orchard
207GardenThomas Brazier
208Cottage and gardenThomas BrazierOrangery and walled garden (North Stoneham Park)
209House, buildings &cGeorge WestPark Farm
211GardenIn Hand
212Wood &cIn Hand
213PastureJohn Cox
214PastureJohn Cox
215Wood &cIn Hand
216PastureJohn Cox
217PastureJohn Cox
218PastureJohn Martin
219PastureAmos Worner
220House, garden &cAmos WornerDoncaster Cottage
221PastureAmos Worner
222 (in)Cottage and gardenWilliam JefferyDurmans
222Sundry tenant(s)Durmans
223ArableWilliam Jeffery
224ArableWilliam Jeffery
225ArableCaptain Crofts
226House and groundsCaptain Crofts
229Sundry tenant(s)
231ArableDavid Way
232ArableDavid Way
233ArableJohn Cox
234ArableDavid Way
235DriftwayRev F BeadonDoncaster Drove
236Sundry tenant(s)
237Sundry tenant(s)
250ArableDavid Way
251ArableDavid Way
252PastureWilliam Priddle
253ArableWilliam Priddle
254ArableWilliam Priddle
255WoodAlfred Ede
256ArableAlfred Ede
257PastureWilliam Priddle
258ArableWilliam Priddle
259ArableWilliam Priddle
260PastureWilliam Priddle
261PastureWilliam Priddle
262PastureWilliam Priddle
263ArableWilliam Priddle
264PastureWilliam Priddle
265Blacksmiths ShopMrs Day
267PastureRobert Elkington
268RoadwayWilliam Priddle
269House, buildings &cWilliam Priddle
270ArableWilliam Priddle
271House, buildings &cRobert Elkington
273PastureRobert Elkington
274ArableRobert ElkingtonHomeclose and Lower Ten Acres
275WoodIn Hand
276ArableRobert Elkington
277PastureAlfred EdeBunney Field
278PastureH G Dear
279ArableH G DearWests Piece
280GardenH G DearThe Cottage (Stoneham Park)
281House, grounds &cH G DearThe Cottage (Stoneham Park)
282WoodIn HandHardmoor Wood
283ArableMrs DayHardmoor Close
284Sundry tenant(s)Hardmoor Close
285WoodIn Hand
286Cottage and gardenIn HandBassett Lodge
287ArableRobert ElkingtonUpper Ten Acres
288ArableRobert ElkingtonThe Eight Acres
289ArableRobert ElkingtonUpper Sourlands
290WoodIn Hand
293ArableJames M Furman
294ArableJames M Furman
295RoadwayJames M Furman
296PastureJames M Furman
297PastureJames M Furman
298PastureJames M Furman
299Sundry tenant(s)
300Sundry tenant(s)
301Sundry tenant(s)
302Cottage and gardenJohn Goodman
303Cottage and gardenJohn Goodman
304Sundry tenant(s)
305House, garden &cJames M Furman
306SchoolIn HandSt. Christopher's church
307Sundry tenant(s)
308Sundry tenant(s)
309Sundry tenant(s)
310Sundry tenant(s)
311Sundry tenant(s)
312Sundry tenant(s)
313Sundry tenant(s)
314Cottage and gardenMrs Bullar
315Orchard and pastureMrs Bullar
316PastureMrs Bullar
317Cottage and gardenMrs Bullar
319Sundry tenant(s)
321Sundry tenant(s)
322Sundry tenant(s)
323Sundry tenant(s)
324Sundry tenant(s)
326GardensMrs BullarSpratts Field
327Rough pasture and furzeMrs Bullar
328House and landMrs BullarBassett Wood
329WoodIn Hand'Bassett Triangle' plantation
330Lodge and groundsIn HandThe Belvedere
331House and groundsF F Longstaff
332WoodJames L Hill
333House and groundsHenry Page
334House and grounds (see 331)F F LongstaffSpratts Field
335House and grounds (see 331)F F Longstaff
336House and grounds (see 331)F F Longstaff
337House and grounds (see 331)F F Longstaff
338Rough pastureJames L Hill
339WoodIn Hand
340Rough pastureJames L Hill
341WoodJames L Hill
342PondJames L Hill
343Rough pastureJames L Hill
344WoodJames L Hill
345ArableJames L Hill
346 (part)Arable, Wood &cC E Deacon
346Wood &cJames L Hill
346 (part)Wood &cIn Hand
347ArableJames L Hill
349PastureJames L Hill
350WoodJames L Hill
351ArableJames L Hill
352ArableJames L Hill
353ArableJames L Hill
354PastureJames L Hill
355PastureJames L Hill
356ArableJames L Hill
357ArableJames L Hill
358Buildings &cJames L Hill
359Rough pastureJames L Hill
360ArableJames L Hill
361PastureJames L Hill
362Rough pastureJames L Hill
363Arable, Wood &cC E Deacon
364Arable, Wood &cC E Deacon
365Rough pastureC E Deacon
366ArableJames L HillAsh Close Puddles
367ArableJames L HillAsh Close and Ash Close Puddles
368Cottage and gardenJames L Hill
369PastureJames L Hill
370PastureJames L Hill
371House and groundsR C Hankinson
372House and grounds (see 371)R C Hankinson
373 (part)House and grounds (see 371)R C Hankinson
373 (part)ArableJames L Hill
374Red Lodge NurseryW H RogersRed Lodge Nursery
375House and groundsEdward Atkins
376House and groundsP W Pareton
377Rough pastureIn Hand
378House and groundsG P Rubie
379House and groundsThomas C Elliot
382House and groundsMrs Pearce
383 (part)House and grounds (see 371)R C Hankinson
383 (part)Brickfield &cJohn Harris
384Rough pastureJames L Hill
385PastureMrs Pritchard
386Rough pastureMrs Pritchard
387Rough pastureMrs Pritchard
388Brickfield &cJohn Harris
389Brickyard &cThomas C Elliot
390Houses and gardensJohn Harris
391House & gardenWilliam Squibb
392Brickyard &cThomas C Elliot
393PastureMrs Pritchard
394House, buildings &cMrs Pritchard
395Sundry tenant(s)
397ArableMrs Pritchard
398Brickfield &cJ H Saunders
399Sundry tenant(s)
412Houses and gardensThomas C Elliot
413House and gardenG U Mercer
422House &cJoseph Butt
422aPastureJoseph Butt
425Rough pasture &cJoseph Butt
426LandHenry Page
427Houses and landHenry Page
432House and groundsJ R Reeve
433ArableMrs Bullar
434House and landMrs Crabb
435House and landMrs Crabb
436Rough pastureIn Hand
437ArableMrs Bullar
439ArableMrs Bullar
441House and groundsMrs Bullar
441ArableGeneral Rosas
442Cottage and gardenGeorge Love
444Houses and landJohn Ford
445ArableMrs Bullar
445Houses and landJohn Ford
446Houses and gardenJohn Hodges
447Cottage and gardenWilliam Bushell
448Cottages and gardensGeneral Rosas
449House, buildings &cGeneral RosasBurgess Street Farm
450Pasture &cGeneral Rosas
451Sundry tenant(s)
452Sundry tenant(s)
453Sundry tenant(s)
454Fleming Arms Inn and groundsRobert RidgleyFleming Arms (Swaythling)
455Fleming Arms Inn and grounds (see 454)Robert Ridgley
456GardenGeorge Manwaring
457Houses and landGeorge Manwaring
458PastureAlfred Ede
459ArableAlfred Ede
460House, buildings &cAlfred Ede
463Cottage, buildings &cAlfred Ede
464ArableAlfred Ede
465ArableAlfred Ede
466ArableAlfred Ede
467ArableAlfred Ede
468ArableAlfred Ede
469PastureAlfred Ede
470WoodIn Hand
471PastureAlfred Ede
472ArableAlfred Ede
473ArableAlfred Ede
474ArableAlfred Ede
475ArableDavid Way
476PastureDavid Way
477Cottages and gardensDavid Way
478PastureDavid Way
479House, buildings &cDavid WayNorth Stoneham Farm
480PastureDavid Way
481RoadDavid Way
482ArableDavid Way
497PastureDavid Way
500PastureDavid Way
501Cottages and gardensDavid Way
502ArableDavid Way
503ArableDavid Way
504PastureDavid Way
505PastureDavid Way
506PastureDavid Way
507PastureDavid Way
508House, water 7cIn Hand
509PastureDavid Way
510WaterIn Hand
511PastureDavid Way
512PastureDavid Way
513Decoy woodIn HandDecoy Wood
514PastureDavid Way
515 (in)DecoyRev F BeadonNorth Stoneham Decoy
515Decoy pondIn HandNorth Stoneham Decoy
516PastureDavid Way
517PastureDavid Way
518OziersIn Hand
519PastureDavid Way
520PastureDavid Way
522PastureDavid Way
523PastureDavid Way
524PastureDavid Way
525PastureDavid Way
526PastureDavid Way
527PastureDavid Way
528PastureAlfred Ede
529PastureAlfred Ede
530PastureAlfred Ede
532PastureAlfred Ede
533PastureAlfred Ede
534WaterIn Hand
535OziersAlfred Ede
536ReedsAlfred Ede
561PastureAlfred Ede
1345aPastureAlfred Ede
1348PastureAlfred Ede
1351PastureAlfred Ede
1356PastureThomas W Fleming
1357PastureThomas W Fleming
1380PastureTheodore Webb
1392PastureThomas W Fleming
1393PastureThomas W Fleming
1603 (part)ArableThomas W Fleming
1603 (part)ArableTheodore Webb
1604WoodTheodore Webb
1605House, buildings &cTheodore WebbSouth Stoneham Farm
1606ArableTheodore Webb
1607ArableTheodore Webb
1608WoodTheodore Webb
1609ArableTheodore Webb
1609 (in)House & gardenJames Wyatt
1612WoodIn Hand
1612ArableTheodore Webb
1614GardensGeorge Love
1620 (in)LandWilliam Aldridge
1620 (in)LandWilliam Bushell
1620 (in)GardenMrs Cantel
1620 (in)GardensGeorge Love
1620ArableTheodore Webb
1625Cottage and garden (see 442)George Love
1663WoodIn Hand
1664ArableTheodore Webb
1665ArableTheodore Webb
1679Sundry tenants
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