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North Stoneham Decoy

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‘Mrs Willis sent me a Wild Duck and a Teal which came this day from her Decoy at Stoneham.’ -Rev William Cole, 14 Feb 1767

North Stoneham Decoy was a duck decoy pond on the Stoneham Estate at North Stoneham Farm, a quarter of a mile west of the River Itchen, to which it was connected.

Ralph Payne-Gallwey writing in 1886 suggested that the Decoy was constructed around 1806[1], but it was older. In 1763, James Sharp received £25 9s for 'his years wages for taking care of the Decoy Pond due of 3d of Feby. & his Bill of Expenses'[2]. The decoy at North Stoneham was mentioned by Rev. William Cole in 1767.

The Decoy Pond was in use until about 1874[3].


  • William & Edward Snook (1837[4])



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