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North Stoneham Common

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North Stoneham Common, or Stoneham Common or Stoneham Heath, was a common on the Stoneham Estate of some 2,200 acres, which reached from Bassett to the Chilworth and North Baddesley boundaries, and on to Chandler's Ford, and included all the land at North Stoneham west of the Winchester Road. Most of this Common was undulating high land forming an arc around part of North Stoneham Park, reaching its summit at Hicknor Hill. It adjoined Chilworth Common to the west.

When Sir Thomas Fleming acquired the manor of North Stoneham in 1599, a grant of the trees and underwood standing on the Common had recently been given to third parties.[1].

There was a rabbit warren called Red Lodge Warren on the Common in the 18th century. A conspicuous landmark in the 18th century was the white Belvedere summerhouse at the edge of North Stoneham Park.

The Southampton Races were held annually on the Common in the early 19th century.



In 1736 it was agreed that Richard Fleming would enclose the Common[2], but legal difficulties arose, and a confirmatory, formal Act of Parliament was sought in 1744[3]. Most of the manor's copyholders were granted plots of land to enhance their holdings, mainly in the Chandlersford and Bassett areas. The map and agreement showing these enclosures names thirty-one freeholders and copyholders. It was updated in 1746 when it was enrolled at the King's Bench at Westminster, with an agreement that reversionary tenants had the rights of second lives in their copyholds.

Hut Wood was planted on North Stoneham Common following its enclosure.

After 1806, 550 acres of the Common were enclosed to form Red Lodge Farm[4].


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Enclosure documents


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