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Index to principal tenants, 1837

From The Muniment Room, a resource for social history, family history, and local history.

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Rentals & lists: 1837 • '1858187219201938

The Index to principal tenants, 1837 contains the names of some 150 tenants on the Hampshire and Isle of Wight estates at North Stoneham, Bassett, South Stoneham, Chilworth, North Baddesley, and Romsey; and on the Island at Quarr, Binstead, Wootton Bridge, Fishbourne (aka Fish House), Haven Street (or Havenstreet), and Arreton.

It is drawn from the lists of tenants in Trust deed to bar entail, 1837 (Stoneham, Isle of WIght, Romsey) and Settlement to several uses including to provide for use of the surname and arms of Fleming, 1837 (Chilworth).

If you find a person's name that you are researching, the Trust would like to hear from you! A full entry gives some details of the rented property, and is available by emailed request.


John Alford   IOW
James Andrews   IOW
James Andrews   IOW
Robinson Ayton   Stoneham


Bailey   Romsey
Joseph Barkham   IOW
Widow Barkham   IOW
Widow Barkham   IOW
Henry Barnes   Stoneham
James Barton   IOW
William Barton   IOW
William Bennett   Romsey
Widow Bethel   Stoneham
William Biggs   Chilworth
William Boys   IOW
Benjamin Brixey   Chilworth
Robert Budden   Stoneham
Thomas Bunny   Stoneham
Henry Burton   Chilworth


Amy Cantell   Stoneham
Edward Carpenter   IOW
John Cawle   Stoneham
William Churcher   Stoneham
Ann Cole   Romsey
Levi Cook   Stoneham
James Cooper   Romsey
John Cooper   IOW
Thomas Cooper   Stoneham
Frank Cousins   Chilworth
George Cox Jnr   Stoneham
George Cox Snr   Stoneham
William Cox   Stoneham
Cozens   Chilworth


Charles Danell   Stoneham
James Dawkins   Romsey
John Day   Chilworth
Wiliam Day   Stoneham
John Doling   Stoneham
Andrew Durman   Stoneham
Widow Durman   Stoneham


Daniel Esment   IOW


Charles Feltham   Romsey
William Fitzhugh Esq.   Stoneham
William Fitzhugh Esq.   Stoneham
Barnabas Ford   IOW
James Ford   IOW
John Fox   Romsey
John Fox   Romsey
Fox   IOW
James Freyer   Stoneham
George Fryer   Romsey
George Fryer   Romsey
James Fryer   Romsey
James Fryer   Romsey


George Gannaway   Romsey
John Gardener   Stoneham
Richard Gardner   IOW
Jacob Gater   Stoneham
William & James Gear   Romsey
Anthony Geeves   IOW
John Goldin   Chilworth
Thomas Goodchild   Chilworth


Thomas Hallett   IOW
John Harris   IOW
William Harrison   Romsey
William Harrison   Romsey
Brown Hearn   IOW
Brown Hearn   IOW
Jacob Heath   Chilworth
John Heath   Stoneham
George Herbert   Chilworth
The Rev P Hewitt   IOW
William Hillier   Stoneham
A Hinuber Esq.   Stoneham
John Holloway   Stoneham


Thomas Ingram   Stoneham


Daniel James   IOW
George Jenvey   Romsey
George Jenvey   Romsey


James Kerley   Stoneham
Jacob Knott   Stoneham
John Knott   Stoneham
William Knott   Stoneham


Samuel Lavers   Stoneham
Thomas Legg   Stoneham
Messrs List   IOW


Benjamin Mansbridge   Chilworth
John Martin   Stoneham
John Martin   Stoneham
William Martin   Chilworth
Richard Mason   Stoneham
John Minall   Stoneham
Thomas Misselbrook   Chilworth
James Moody   Stoneham
Mr Moody   Romsey


Joseph Padwick   Stoneham
Joseph Parker   Stoneham
James Parsons   Stoneham
Phillips   Chilworth
James Pike   Chilworth
Charles Pragnell   Chilworth
John Priddle   Stoneham


Mr Quin   Chilworth


John Ray   Stoneham
James Rogers   IOW
William Rogers   Stoneham
Benjamin Rose   Stoneham


Arthur Saunders   IOW
Isaac Saunders   IOW
Widow Seymour   IOW
Geroge Shearman   Stoneham
Thomas Sibley   IOW
Solomon Sillens (Sillence)   Stoneham
Widow Slade   Stoneham
James Small   Stoneham
Charles Mackintosh Smith Esq.   IOW
James Smith   Stoneham
Messrs Snook   Stoneham
William & Edward Snook   Stoneham
Edward Stagg   Stoneham


John Tarver   Chilworth
William Tarver   Romsey
William Tarver   Romsey
William Taylor   IOW
Taylor & Serle   IOW
Arthur Tew   Chilworth
James Thorn   Stoneham
Richard Tibb   Stoneham
John Truss   Chilworth


Robert Urry   IOW


Edward Vain   Stoneham
Elizabeth Vince   IOW
William Vine   Stoneham
George Vinsow   IOW


John Wallis   Stoneham
John Wallis   Stoneham
George Watson   IOW
Edward Watts   Stoneham
James Webble   Stoneham
Sarah White   Romsey
Edward Williams   IOW
William Wilton   Stoneham
James Withers   Romsey
Richard Withers   Romsey
George Woodmore   IOW
James Woodmore   IOW
Benjamin Wren   Chilworth
John Wren   Stoneham
Joseph Wren   Stoneham
John Wright   IOW
John Wright   Chilworth


Hannah Young   IOW
Robert Young   IOW
Sarah Young   IOW
Thomas Young   IOW

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