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Havenstreet (or Haven Street[1]) was a village or hamlet on the Isle of Wight Estates. The northern part of the village was probably part of the Manor of Quarr and Newnham.

Farms at Havenstreet included Coppid Hall, Kemphill, Wise's Bargain, an unnamed farm, Downers, Leopards, Pondcast, Speeds, and Blackland.[2]

The central and southern parts of present-day Havenstreet were purchased in the 1840s[3]: the 'Leopards & Speeds' estate was acquired around 1841, including Leopards Farm and Speeds Farm, and probably also the White Hart public house and several cottages; the 'Pondcast & Downers' estate was acquired around 1846 by Thomas Willis Fleming, including Pondcast Farm and Downers Farm, and three cottages.

In 1851, the population was about 200. St Peter's Church was built on land at Downers Farm provided by the Estate in 1851[4]. The War Shrine was built at Coppid Hall Farm in 1917.

Estate plans of Havenstreet


  1. Although 'Haven Street' was in common usage, this site uses the more modern 'Havenstreet' as the standard spelling.
  2. William Taylor of Coppid Hall, in 1845, leased from Thomas James Willis Fleming farms and lands called Coxfords and Barkhams, with Leapers and Speeds. IOWRO FAR/DD/49
  3. In 1847, these areas are described, perhaps rather hopefully, as the 'manors' of Lespards and Pondcast.
  4. 'A site for the church and burial ground has been liberally promised by Thomas Willis Fleming, esq.' Hampshire Advertiser, 11 Jan 1851.
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