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Binstead village

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‘Within two miles of Ryde, a little distance from the Newport road, near the water's edge, is the village of Binstead; charmingly situated, and surrounded by woods. There is something very beautiful in the appearance of the common ... A few neat cottages surround this spot, which is capable of much improvement. In the bosom of this sequestered village, our attention is arrested by the parsonage [Binstead Cottage], which cannot fail to impress itself on the recollection, as one of the characteristic beauties of the island. ’ -William Bernard Cooke, 1813

Binstead village was at Binstead on the Isle of Wight Estates.

In the early 19th century, it was a small rural community, with farmhouses adjoining the main road, and a hamlet comprising a cluster of houses and cottages at Binstead Pits. After the Fleming's Estate Acts and the construction of the new road in the mid 1800s, the landscape was reconfigured and a new village, effectively, grew up along the main road.

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Gazetteer from 1817 Survey

The 1817 Survey lists the tenants for nearly all the properties at Binstead village; unusually, cottagers at Binstead were mostly renting directly from the Estate, rather than subletting from tenant farmers. Most of these families were still occupying the same properties twenty-five years later in the 1841 census.

Binstead from Survey of the Estates on the Isle of Wight, 1817
Buildings, &c.Tenant1817 Survey no.
Brick Kiln House & yard at Common PittsJohn Denham175
House, garden, & barn at Caves Farm (unnamed)John Wright181
House at Caves Farm (unnamed)John Wright186
Farmhouse at Binstead BargainMary Barkham190
House & garden at PitsRobert Young198
Cottage & garden at PitsW Taylor199
Tenement & garden at PitsW Woodmer200
Tenement & garden at PitsG Woodmer[1]201
House & garden at PitsDaniel Barkham202
House, garden &c. at PitsS Seymore[2]203
House, garden, & orchard at PitsSarah Mackett204
Farmhouse at unnamed farm
near Binstead Church
Richard Ford216
Binstead Church
Binstead Cottage

Part of Binstead Lodge Farm from Survey of the Estates on the Isle of Wight, 1817
Buildings, &c.Tenant1817 Survey no.
House & garden on Newnham LaneJames Barton142
House & garden on Newnham LaneJames Barton144
House, garden, barn, yard
at Binstead Lodge Farm
James Barton147
House, garden, barn, yardJames Barton149
? on Newnham LaneJames Barton155
Farmhouse &c at Binstead FarmSarah Young165

Binstead Hill, c.1910
Binstead Hill, c.1910

References and notes

  1. George Woodmore
  2. Sarah Seymour
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