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24 July 1916

Posted by Dick on July 24, 1916
I slept at the guns last night. Had great trouble with the Indian camel transport, who tried to bivouac all round the guns. Saw the communications were all right at three o'clock, and took the horses out for exercise at five. Dug another well this morning, about 100 yards from our other one; the water is not nearly so salty and the horses drink it much better.

There is no change in the situation tonight. The Anzac patrols had a few casualties. The Ayrshire Horse Battery who are attached to the Anzac Mounted Division, went out with the 7th Light Horse and shelled the enemy trenches at Ogratina, lucky devils; I hope they send us out on mobile column soon.

Another troop train came up this evening. Up in the F.O.O. tonight.

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On 24th, Lieutenant Franklin reported to the B.G.R.A., at Mahamdiya, to take a copy of the enemy position as located by aircraft, and the Australian patrols, and those of our infantry and artillery.

The enemy's position was more or less as reported, being dug in between Katia and Ogratina, with a large force at Mugeibra. Our own infantry was occupying a line from Mahamdiya to Romani, and were established in 10 or 11 small sand-bagged forts, the centre of the position being between Fort 7 and Fort 8, at railhead. The artillery was so placed that it could sweep the whole zone, and also the southern zone, where two forts were being hurriedly built.

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