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28 July 1916

Posted by Dick on July 28, 1916
Enemy planes came over about seven thirty this morning, but no mountain battery to open fire on her. News came in this morning that the Turks were shelling Hill 100, and later they were reported to be advancing in force on Katia and the Anzacs falling back.

Stood by at the guns for the rest of the day, but I think they won't attack before dawn tomorrow. We've made a new F.O.O. which commands a much better view of our zone. We are in readiness now to turn out a mobile column. They are pretty certain to send one out tomorrow I should think, if the Turks entrench at Katia.

Franklyn is back from hospital, but the major doesn't think he is fit enough to go out, so I shall be taking the right section into action tomorrow if we go out and Franklyn shows no signs of being fitter.

The men are as keen as mustard and longing to get out at the Turk. I am just off to the F.O.O.

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On 28th, it was reported that the Turks were advancing in force on Katia, and the Australians retiring, holding them well in check. The forward observing station had to be occupied during the day, as well as by night, by the orderly officer and two signallers. A new station had been constructed. A hole was dug out and a sandbag pit, with overhead cover and a slit for observation, was built. It was contrived so as to resemble a bush, and even at close range it could scarcely be distinguished from its surroundings.

Orders were received that evening for the Mobile Column to be ready to move off at 9.30 p.m., the Turks having advanced still further, and having taken Katia. All was ready for a move, but no final orders came through. Once more the Battery was disappointed, just when enthusiasm to go into action was at its height.

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