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1 August 1916

Posted by Dick on August 1, 1916
Took the horses out for exercise at five thirty. Boche plane over about eight o'clock but no bombs dropped. Another enemy plane over about two o'clock this afternoon. Two of our monitors shelled Ogratina this afternoon.

Saw Edwards of the Somerset RHA this evening; they are at Duedar. Also saw one of the intelligence officers whose been examining the Turkish prisoners and he told me that all the prisoners he's examined so far say that they are quite prepared to sacrifice a division so long as they take this place, and another division at Duedar, and with the rest of their force they intend to attack the canal.

The Turks now hold Hill 110, and dropped nine shells close to Hill 100 this afternoon.

A good many of the casualties from yesterday's bombing strafe were caused by steel arrows, which they must have thrown out in handfuls from the planes as a good many have been picked up. Another section of sixty pounders came up from Kantara this evening.

Up in the F.O.O. tonight.

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