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26 July 1916

Posted by Dick on July 26, 1916
Our first excitement this morning was when a machine gun section of the 156 Brigade thought it would do a little practice into the bottom of the hill on top of which our camp is pitched, but when the bullets began to whistle round the mess tent, the major thought it was time to send down and stop the practice.

I went out on a reconnaissance this morning to Hill 110, which is south of Lake Bardawil and northwest of Ogratina. We heard an Anzac patrol having a slight difference of opinion with a Turkish one away to our east.

We saw a section of the Ayrshire RHA going out for a strafe as we got back. The major went out for a reconnaissance for positions for us and went up into the Ayrshire F.O.O. station, and said they were shooting hopelessly and we shall knock spots off them when we go out. We heard them shooting from here.

Franklin went sick this morning and had to be removed in an ambulance sand cart, but I don't think there is much wrong with him. Brigade Headquarters are moving their camp up near ours, so they've all been in to mess with us tonight. A topping mail in from home tonight.

From what the general said this morning, we are shortly going out on a mobile stunt and shall try and give Johnny Turk something for himself.

No Boche planes over today; perhaps they've been busy overhauling their machines for a good bombing strafe tomorrow. The latest report is that the Turks have advanced their positions a little west of Ogratina and are strongly entrenched from there down to Mageibra.

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