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29 July 1916

Posted by Dick on July 29, 1916
I had a good deal of trouble during the night with the telephone line from the F.O.O. to the battery. It was broken three times. An enemy plane came over at 7:30. Kenning came up and relieved me at the F.O.O. soon after eight.

There was heavy rifle firing from Katia this afternoon, also some gun fire. The Turks have dug themselves in at Katia. One of the Australian Light Horse Brigade had a go at them this afternoon but got driven back.

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On 29th, little further information was received. It was rumoured that British aeroplanes could not obtain any information of Turkish movements in the southerly direction, and that some Staff officers were obliged to make a mounted reconnaissance in that direction.

Telephone wires were broken by camels, which frequently occurred, and linesmen from both ends went out.

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