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3 August 1916

Posted by Dick on August 3, 1916
My twentieth birthday, I wonder where I shall spend my 21st? This year it is thirty miles out in the Sinai peninsula, last year it was training at Bowood Camp, Wiltshire, and the year before in the Swiss Alps.

Enemy Plane came over about eight o'clock this morning, dropped one bomb but it fell wide and did no damage. One of our machines was up at the time and attacked the Bosch - but had to give up and come down owing to her machine gun jamming.

Our bombers were busy bombarding again this morning. Official report this morning says the tanks now hold Katia. I had quite a good view this morning of the Ayrshire Royal Horse Artillery shelling Katia, and could see our patrols rather active to the south east.

The General has sent round a notice this evening saying the attack is now imminent, and an exhortation to the troops saying our positions are now strong and must be held at all costs.

Things seem to be moving a bit.

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On 3rd, the sound of gunfire was heard at 6.30 a.m. in the direction of the Turkish lines, which were now much closer. Two German 'planes flew over Romani and dropped one bomb close to the F.O. station, probably intended for Fort 8. A de Havilland attacked, and a fight ensued, but the British 'plane was forced to descend very rapidly owing to its machine gun having jammed.

The monitors kept up an intermittent fire.

It was reported that the enemy were advancing their trenches from Katia towards Romani. Katia itself was occupied by the main force in the afternoon.

All were particularly on the alert now. A look of keenness and excitement was observable in every face. Gunners slept with the guns. A night attack was anticipated, but did not materialise.

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