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25 July 1916

Posted by Dick on July 25, 1916
Kept in communication with the battery during the night. I don't think the Turks will try a frontal attack now, we are getting too strong. Another troop train in this morning early.

About seven thirty an enemy plane came over, followed by a second at about eight o'clock. The mountain battery and several machine guns opened on them but without result. About ten o'clock a third Turkish plane came over, and was greeted with the customary ineffective fusillade. She dropped a message with long red, white and blue streamers attached to it, saying that they found it hard to distinguish our hospital tents and would they be more clearly marked in the future. They evidently mean to have a bombing strafe. The old Turk is quite a gentleman.

Another troop train this evening. We've sent back about twenty of our poorest horses to Kantara and have got mules up from the brigade ammunition column to take their place - great whackers, some of them seventeen hands.

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