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23 July 1916

Posted by Dick on July 23, 1916
Stood by at the guns at 3:30. About eight o'clock an enemy plane came over; a hot fire was opened by the mountain battery but it was not effective. Our battleplane went up and both planes got so high up we couldn't see them owing to the bright glare, but we heard their machine guns going and the enemy plane was eventually driven off.

Another eighteen pounder battery, also a sixty pounder battery, came up from Kantara this morning.

The report in this morning said the situation is unchanged. The Turk has firmly entrenched himself at Ogratina, also at Mageibra, and evidently means to wait for us to come out at him, so we are hoping a mobile column will be sent out in a day or so.

We have dug a new well behind our camp. The water is pretty brackish but the horses know by now it is that or nothing, so drink it fairly well. We moved the horse lines up near the new well this afternoon.

The officers from the 60 pounder battery came in to mess tonight.

A convoy of eight hundred Indian transport camels came up tonight, so it looks as if we may be contemplating a mobile stunt. The administrative commandant told Elliott tonight that we have now got eighteen thousand troops up here and only three fantasses of fresh water, so if the Turks cut our communications there will be another Kut here.

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