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The 53 Bundles

From The Muniment Room, a resource for social history, family history, and local history.

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The 53 Bundles’ contained expired deeds and legal documents of the Fleming Estate. They were methodised around the year 1900. The contents of the bundles are scheduled in two volumes. The Bundles were contained within two trunks, and stored in a strongroom at Coutts Bank in London. Bundles 14, 15, 18, 45 and 50 are currently missing, as are some individual items.

Bundle Description Place]]
Bundle 1Documents relating to manor of North Stoneham, purchased 1599 (1599-1882)North Stoneham
Bundle 2Documents relating to various purchases in North Stoneham parish (1775-1889)North Stoneham
Bundle 3Documents relating to Stockbridge or Sturbridge Mead, North Stoneham, purchased 1883 (1648-1883)North Stoneham
Bundle 4Documents relating to a cottage at Middle Stoneham, purchased in 1825 (1781-1825)North Stoneham
Bundle 5Documents relating to purchase of Swaythling House and manor in 1778North Stoneham
Bundle 6Documents relating to purchase of cottages in 1789 and Glebe land in 1806, North Stoneham parish (1789-1806)North Stoneham
Bundle 7Petition and act for enclosing North Stoneham Common (1736)North Stoneham
Bundle 8Expired and surrendered leases of North Stoneham, No. 1 (1700-1767)North Stoneham
Bundle 9Expired and surrendered leases of North Stoneham, No. 2 (1776-1895)North Stoneham
Bundle 10Documents relating to the lease of ‘The Knoll’ estate, North Stoneham (1873-1897)North Stoneham
Bundle 11Articles of agreement for severing jointures of John Brown Willis Fleming (1849-1879)n/a
Bundle 12Description of North Stoneham Estates as in 1771North Stoneham
Bundle 13Mortgage of North Stoneham Farm and Swaythling Farm (1842-1867)North Stoneham
Bundle 14Mortgage of manor of North Stoneham to Whitmore & Wood (1855-1889)North Stoneham
Bundle 15Mortgage of lands to Whitmore & Wood (1889-1895)North Stoneham
Bundle 16Duplicate conveyances and expired leases for properties in North Stoneham (1755-1899)North Stoneham
Bundle 17Documents relating to sale of South Stoneham to Bond (1665-1787)South Stoneham
Bundle 18Documents relating to purchase of plot at Shirley in 1897 (1895-1897)Shirley
Bundle 19Documents relating to purchase of portion of the Brambridge Estate in 1861Otterbourne
Bundle 20Unexecuted and expired leases relating to properties in Wilmington & Weymouth (1744-1843)Wilmington & Weymouth
Bundle 21Expired leases of fishery in the River Itchen and plans of river (1640-1842)South Stoneham
Bundle 22Documents relating to sales of lands in Isle of Wight (1873-1889)Isle of Wight
Bundle 23Expired and surrendered leases of Binstead, No. 1 (1834-1864)Binstead
Bundle 24Expired and surrendered leases of Binstead, No. 2 (1737-1889)Binstead
Bundle 25Surrendered lease of ‘the Orchard’, Binstead (1850-1861)Binstead
Bundle 26Old admittances in the manor of BinsteadBinstead
Bundle 27Documents relating to properties in the parish of Arreton (1805-1879)Arreton
Bundle 28Purchase and lease in Newchurch (1812-1853)Newchurch
Bundle 29Documents relating to sale of land in Havenstreet to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners in 1889Haven Street
Bundle 30Documents relating to purchase of premises in Newport (1660-1851)Newport
Bundle 31Documents relating to purchase of farm rents in Newport in 1859-1860Newport
Bundle 32Documents relating to Wootton Bridge Mill (1690-1855)Wootton
Bundle 33Old family settlements (1680-1740)Estates generally
Bundle 34Deeds as to appointment and release of portions of younger children of John Barton Willis Fleming(1837-1858)Estates generally
Bundle 35Dissentailing deed and settlement of 1837, and compromise of disputes (1837-1850)Estates generally
Bundle 36Grants and releases from annuities (1840-2)Estates generally
Bundle 37Miscellaneous and general documents, including military commissionsEstates generally
Bundle 38Probates, disclaimers, appointments, &c. (1699-1889)Estates generally
Bundle 38.1Shrievalty papers for 1817 and 1872n/a
Bundle 39Leases and indentures for properties in Romsey ExtraRomsey Extra
Bundle 40[[Bundle 40|]]Romsey, Romsey Extra
Bundle 41[[Bundle 41|]]Romsey
Bundle 42[[Bundle 42|]]Romsey
Bundle 43[[Bundle 43|]]Romsey
Bundle 44[[Bundle 44|]]Romsey
Bundle 45Court Rolls of the manor of Romsey InfraRomsey
Bundle 46[[Bundle 46|]]Chilworth
Bundle 47[[Bundle 47|]]Romsey Extra
Bundle 48Old expired leases of the 16th and 17th centuries relating to Romsey propertyRomsey
Bundle 49[[Bundle 49|]]Chilworth
Bundle 50Exchange of land at Toothill and Baddesley Common (1869)Romsey
Bundle 51[[Bundle 51|]]Chilworth
Bundle 52Patronage of the new church of St Barnabas, BlackwaterArreton
Bundle 53[[Bundle 53|]]Romsey
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