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Wootton Bridge & Kite Hill

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Wootton Bridge (Wotton), including Kite Hill on the south side of the creek, was a village on the Isle of Wight Estates at the crossing-point of Fishbourne Creek.

Selected views

Wootton Bridge, by Thomas Barber, c,1840.
Wootton Bridge, by R P Lloyd, 1915.

Gazetteer from 1817 Survey

Down End from Survey of the Estates on the Isle of Wight, 1817
Buildings, &c.Tenant1817 Survey no.
House Yard Garden BuildingsJames Heale282
House & GardenWilliam Barkham283
Four Tenements & GardenJohn Cooper284
House Garden Blacksmiths ShopJohn Alford285
House & GardenJohn Cooper286
House Garden Yard &c.John Cooper287
The Mill, Wharf &c.John Cooper288
House Gardens Yard &c.John Cooper293
House (Kite Hill House) Garden Yards BuildingsMrs Popham294

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