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Ashlake Bargain

From The Muniment Room, a resource for social history, family history, and local history.

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Ashlake Bargain (Arshlake), also known as Ashlake Farm, was a farm at Kite Hill on the Isle of Wight Estates. It comprised 23 acres in 1817; 41 acres in 1837. The farm was sold in 1954[1].

Tenants of Ashlake

  • William Wickendon (1817)[2]
  • Edward Carpenter (1839[3])
  • John Mew (1872)
  • Ernest Groves (188*)

Building leases


Building, field, &c.AcreageMap no.1817 Survey no.
Great Ground305
Upper Ground306
Middle Ground307
Long Ground308
Lower Ground309
Pond Ground310
Home Ground311
House Orchard Yard313
Copse Butt315
Little Copse316



  1. Copy conveyance of Ashlake Farm and foreshore, 1954  (WFMS:2066 )
  2. Survey of the Estates on the Isle of Wight, 1817
  3. The Vectis Directory (1839)
  4. Abraham Vanner (ob.1874), licensed victualler of the Sloop Inn, Wootton Bridge, took a lease, 11 Oct 1864, on Long Ground field. His son, Henry William Vanner (ob.1921) later held the lease.
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