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27 March 1916

Posted by Dick on March 27, 1916
A real scorcher again. This morning we went out to the guns and practiced in cooperation with aircraft: an aeroplane went up and dropped smoke balls over various targets for us to get on to. I saw a caravan of several hundred camels going out to one of our posts about twenty miles out in the desert the other side of the canal, with forage, etc. I bathed about four o'clock this afternoon; the major for a bet swam the canal smoking a pipe, and got across with it still alight.

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On 27th, co-operation of artillery with air-craft was practised. The Divisional Band, consisting of brass band and pipers, played in the vicinity of the camp twice weekly. During the latter days of the month, gun drill was at 6.30 a.m. owing to the heat. The sand was so hot that it was impossible to walk on it with bare feet when bathing. Sandstorms were frequent. Scorpions and centipedes began to make an unwelcome appearance, in blankets and between sandbags.

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