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26 March 1916

Posted by Dick on March 26, 1916
I was orderly officer; took the exercise at 6:30. Mails came in about midday, the letters which had been posted about the 10th at home. I heard from everyone at home. They told me about poor little Terence, I had just a hope it might be a mistake in the casualty list, but I am afraid not.

I hear that Vectis and Sir Roger also did very well at London, it is quite the most successful London show we've ever had. I heard from C.A.P. giving me General Malcolm's address in Cairo. I must call on him if we get there.

Some of the men have caught a chameleon and have got him on a palm branch in their tent, and are busy feeding him with flies. Very hot again all day but light breeze this evening thank goodness.

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