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Quarr Farm

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Quarr Farm
Quarr Farm

Quarr Farm (Quor, Quar), also known as Quarr Abbey Farm, was a farm on the Quarr Abbey Isle of Wight Estates. The farmhouse occupied the site of old Quarr Abbey.

It was surveyed by George Salmon in 1770; John Whitcher in 1817.

Quarr House was built on part of Quarr Farm from the 1840s, and after 1858 this property was conveyed to Sir Thomas Cochrane. Quarr Farm was sold by the Fleming Estate in 1912 to the modern monastery.

Tenants and occupiers of Quarr Farm

  • Henry Rawkins (1733[1])
  • William Rawkins (1791[2])
  • Mrs Rawkins (1817[3])
  • George Watson (1831[4]), Estate bailiff
  • Charles Mackintosh Smith Esq (1834[5], 1837[6], 1841[7])
  • William Gibbins (1841[8]), occupier
  • George Rendell (1851[9], 1853[10]), but farmhouse occupied by his bailiff Jesse Randell
  • Daniel Barnes (1875)
  • Ernest Groves (188*)
  • Harry Fleming (1910[11])


Estate Plan1817 Survey
Quarr Wood2-7, 13-17221
Upper Broom Close43222
Lower Broom Close44223
Spring Butts46 (i)224
Carters Copse 225
Upper Carters Close100227
Lower Carters Close101228
Lower Carters Close Row 229
Green Carters Close46 (ii)230
Lower Sampsons Orchard 231
Upper Sampsons Orchard 232
Sheepwash Littens-233
Farm House Yard Gdn Bgs &c9235
Orchard 236
The Marsh8237
Sea Close 238
Inner Butt 239
Great Fish House Copse 240
Upper Ground 241
Fish House Butt 242
Gish House Mead 243
Hill Ten Acres 244
Upper Ground 245
Hither Abbey Pits 246
North Close 248
Little Meadow 249
The Great Meadow 250
Water Meadow 251
Yonder Abbey Pits 252
Eighteen Acres 253
Nine Acres 254
Great Gravel pit Ground 255
Gravel pits &c. 256
Little Gravel pit Ground89, 92, 91257
Cothey Piece 258
Little Wood 259
Cothey Butt97260
Cothey Butt11261
Fother House Ground90262
Grove Ground48263
Grove Ground Row 264
Eleanor's Grove47265
The Five Acres99266
The Six Acres98267
First Mill Field96268
Second Mill Field95269
Third Mill Field 270


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