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Quarr Wood

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Plan of Quarr Wood
Plan of Quarr Wood
Quarr Wood was a timber plantation on the Isle of Wight Estates.



In 1825, ash trees from Quarr Wood were sold at auction. In 1835, Lists' Shipyard purchased Elm from the wood[1].


Under the Fleming's Estate Acts, much of the Wood was developed in the late 19th century with the building of super-villas such as Binstead Hall, Quarrthorpe, The Boulders, Quarrhurst, Quarrwood Lodge, Denmark House, West View, and Hazlemount.

Rosa Raine on the change to Quarr Wood, 1861[2]

'This is Quarr Copse, and the footway will conduct us to the ruins of Quarr Abbey. Alas! for the venerable forest-kings -the ponderous wide-spreading oaks - whose far-stretching arms used to form a canopy overhead, whilst the massive trunks were as columns sustaining the leafy roof, ... The few surviving giants that have escaped the general wreck (being ornamental timber bordering the grounds at Binstead) show the aspect of the wood before its solemn precincts were invaded by the march of villa-building. ... It seems almost sacrilegious that a new carriage road, perfectly stiff and straight, should have been cut right across the centre of the copse leading to Quarr; and that house after house should spring up all along the bushy slope. Yet, still, the familiar winding path remains below, though only spanning now a brake of green underwood sprinkled with occasional embryo oaks in an early stage of growth: solitary religious musings may here be indulged in unalloyed serenity, but the monastic character of the wood is gone.'


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