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Meet of the Stoneham and Chilworth Harriers, 10 Nov 1900

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Description of the meet of the Stoneham and Chilworth Harriers on 10 Nov 1900, written by John E A Willis Fleming.


Nov 10th. Saturday. The meet was at Mr Arnold's North Stoneham Farm. Found a hare close to the house & ran across Channel's Farm to Stoneham Church, up to this point was fast. but some pretty hound work was seen when they took the line up to the lake, into the Shrubbery, & right up to the terrace wall, here she completely did us. Trotting back to Chickenhall, we drew the sewage farm, & coming back through a bit of rough grass, a hare jumped up & ran to Eastleigh, in & out of the coal stacks, & back to the farm where hounds killed. Miss Kenworthy Brown had the mask. Drawing on towards Sheppard's Farm, hounds chopped a leveret, but very soon after found a good hare which ran by Mr Arnold's house, back to the line, then across Mr Sheppard's big field to the Decoy Wood, back again to the line, worked up to her in the roots on Mr Arnold's farm, & raced in view to the hedge between the two farms, she was dead beat and only just managed to get away from hounds, she must have stayed somewhere in the hedge I think, hounds could do nothing more with her. It was a pretty day on the whole, considering scent was so catchy, plenty of the very best hound work which seemed to delight everyone. I rode "Goliath" all day, Violet "Shamrock" & she went home early, Harry "The Owl" 1st & "Peter" 2nd. Mr Robinson road one of Tregellis's horses.

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