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Isaac Saunders

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Isaac Saunders (bapt.1782-1851), tenant and blacksmith of Binstead, was christened on 22 December 1782 at Brighstone, Isle of Wight, the son of John Saunders and Sarah.

He married Hannah Fowler on 22 September 1805 at Brading, Isle of Wight, and had four daughters and a son: Elizabeth (b.1809), Ann (b.1811), Martha (b.1814), Jane (b.1826), and Isaac (b.1828). [1]

In 1837, Isaac was the tenant of Grey's Farm at Fish House. By 1841, the family were living at Binstead village [2]. Isaac Saunders is listed as a blacksmith in the 1841 and 1851[3] Census returns. In 1851 he was employing two men.

Their daughter Ann married Jacob Hallett in 1837[4]. Elizabeth married the innkeeper and builder James Hutchings [5]. Jane married Charles Woodmore in 1844[6]. Isaac junior married Louisa Randall[7]. Martha married James Cooper in 1846[8]

Isaac senior died in 1851 at the age of 68, at the time of the 1851 Census. His widow Hannah is listed as the blacksmith at Binstead in the 1855 Post Office directory. Hannah died in 1859.

References and notes

  1. Elizabeth christened 8 Feb 1809 at Arreton; Ann christened 20 Oct 1811 at Arreton; Martha christened 20 Mar 1814 at Binstead; Jane christened 9 Jul 1826 at Binstead; Isaac christened 28 September 1828 at Binstead.
  2. Isaac Saunders, 55, blacksmith; Hannah, 55; Martha, 25; Jane, 14; Isaac, 12.
  3. 1851 Census, Newport Road, Binsted, Hants Isaac Saunders, Head, Mar., 68, Blacksmith employ 2 men, born Briston, Hants Hannah Saunders, Wife, Mar., 67, born Briston, Hants. There is a note presumably made by the Enumerator which looks like "since dead JK"? In Slater's Directory Hampshire, Berkshire, Cornwell, Devon 1852, Isaac Saunders is named as Blacksmith living at Newport Road Ryde. This must have been Binsted, it had taken two years to be published!
  4. 16 Nov 1837, marriage at Binstead of Ann Saunders to Jacob Hallett, of full age, son of Thomas Hallett.
  5. Also in the same premises were his daughter Elizabeth 30, son -in -law James Hutchens (Hutchings), 25, carpenter, granddaughter Elizabeth, 7, grandson Joseph Isaac, 5, and an unnamed new born baby age 2 weeks, all born in county. Isaac little grandson Joseph Isaac, age 5 died 1842.
  6. Married 1 Sep 1844 at Binstead, Jane Saunders, aged 18, spinster, and Charles Woodmore, aged 20, bachelor, son of George Woodmore. 1861 census: Binstead, Cottage (three properties from Fleming Arms & 5 from Ash Lake Farm), Charles Woodmore, 35, Market Gardener & Blacksmith. Jane. Wife, 34; children: Mary,15; Henry C, 12; Emma S, 8; Caroline, 6; George, 3; Ann E, 1; all born Isle of Wight Binstead
  7. Isaac Saunders junior was married on the 15 August 1850 at Binstead to Louisa Randall. She was the daughter of Jesse Randall. Isaac and Louisa appeared to have no Children.
  8. The marriage took place on 28 Jun 1846 at Newchurch of Martha Saunders who was over 21 a spinster and James Cooper, he was a bachelor over 21. The groom's father was James Cooper.
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