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‘From Stapler's-Heath you pass over Arreton Downs, overlooking, on the right hand, the beautiful farm of Hasley, belonging to John Fleming, Esq. which is one of the largest and best farms on the Island.’ -Charles Tomkins, A Tour to the Isle of Wight (1796)

Heasley (Haseley, Hasley) was a manor and farm on the Isle of Wight Estates. The farm comprised 562 acres in 1837; 528 acres in 1956. It was formerly a grange farm of Quarr Abbey. A sub-farm was called Heasley Lodge.

It was surveyed by George Salmon in 1771, and John Whitcher in 1817.

Manor of Heasley

The manor of Heasley was acquired by the Fleming family in 1609, with other possessions of the former Quarr Abbey. The manor is synonymous with Heasley Farm. The manorial estate was sold in 1956; the manorial title was sold by the Fleming Estate on 11 Dec 1996[1]. The Victoria County History (1912) says of Heasley: 'In 1537 Thomas Wriothesley obtained a grant of it from the Crown, and sold it next year to John Mill of Southampton, whose son George made it his residence in the reign of Elizabeth. Here, Sir John Oglander notes, he 'kept a brave house and lived worshipfully.' From him the manor passed in the same way as Binstead (q.v.) to the Flemings, and now belongs to Mr. John E. A. Willis-Fleming.'

Heasley House

The Victoria County History (1912): 'According to Sir John Oglander the house, pleasantly situated in the low ground to the north of Horringford station, was practically rebuilt by the Mills. In 1781 the then owner, Col. Fleming, remodelled the two south rooms and generally modernized the house.'

Tenants of Heasley Farm

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