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Letter of John B Willis Fleming to William Hearn Jacobs, 14 Feb 1853

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Copy Letter of John Brown Willis Fleming to William Hearn Jacobs of Heasley, concerning works carried out at Heasley Farm by the Land Drainage Co.


Union Club
Trafalgar Square
February 14th 1853

My dear Sir,

My brother has forwarded to me your letter of the 5th. Your offer to pay 5£ percentum for works done on your farm by the Land Drainage Co is not sufficient. The Co charge 5 per cent themselves, & will have to prove to the Enclosure Commissioners that the money to be expended is not only of sufficient value to insure the payment of the above named per centage but also to add to the rental, before they can receive permission to proceed. Unless therefore you are willing to pay an additional rent for the land proposed to be drained, which will cover their expenses & place something additional into the pocket of the inheritance, there is no use in carrying the proposal farther. I should think the best thing you can do is to consent to an increased rent for every acre to be drained of ten shillings, & for this you will have the work done in the most approved & scientific manner. My object in dealing with the Co is to improve the Estate, but only to bear the burthen of such improvements during my life. The money advanced by the Co will have to be paid back in 50 years. Their charge in 3 per cent for their money so laid out, & 2 per cent sinking fund making a total of 5 per cent. The charges for surveys are included in the above.

I have signed a lease to you of Heasly Farm for a term of 21 years, & am therefore at a loss to understand what farther lease it is you desire. Will you kindly explain yourself, & as far as tis in my power I shall be most happy to meet yr views. Pray present my compts to Mrs Jacobs, & the other members of yr Family.

Believe me my dear Sir
Very faithfully yrs
John Fleming


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