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10 May 1916

Posted by Dick on May 10, 1916
I took the early exercise this morning. I saw Edwards of the Somerset Horse Battery who came out on the same boat as us from England. They have just come up from Ishmailia and at present are camped on the west bank on the same place as we were. They expect to be pushed up to Romani in a few days, attached to the 3rd Anzac Mounted Division.

Bathed at midday. A lecture this afternoon by a medical officer on 'Flies'. We came away feeling quite sick - his descriptions of the way they carried disease and how they put it in your food were too revolting for anything.

We are moving off tomorrow, so have been busy packing up this evening. Some of the West Ridings came in to have a cheery evening tonight with the result that we didn't get to bed till after one. I hadn't been in bed long before there was a very loud report, just like a bomb dropping close outside my tent, followed by an agonising yell. I looked out and saw Franklyn's tent had collapsed and he really thought for a moment that the old Turk had dropped a bomb on him. As it was, it was only his tent pole that had snapped, without any apparent reason. Enemy aeroplanes dropped seventeen bombs on Port Said yesterday, so it is quite on the cards we shall get another visit.

The Intelligence Dept. sent us round a report saying that at one place in Sinai the Turks under Sirri Bay have got a force consisting of 800 mixed Germans and Austrians, 3000 Turks, 700 Syrians, and 1000 Arab camelmen, also guns and aeroplanes, and they have got other smaller forces dotted about so it looks as thought we may be busy.

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