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9 May 1916

Posted by Dick on May 9, 1916
Orderly dog today but Kenning took the early exercise for me and I hogged it in bed till 6:30, as we'd had a longish day yesterday. Bathed soon after stables, but as we've been the battery standing by all day we would only go down two at a time.

Experiments have been made during the day as to the best way of getting the guns over the heavy sand. We tried a team of twelve horses first, two abreast, then two lines of six abreast, and lastly three lines of four abreast, and I think we shall probably use the last method. So far the order stands good that our battery is to go out first, probably by sections, one on Thursday night and the other on Friday night.

The divisional band played tonight. We see in the Morning Post that came out last mail a Turkish report claiming that on Easter Eve one of their aeroplanes did a record journey and dropped bombs on the British Camp at Kantara. I suppose someone has got an iron cross for that lie.

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