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23 May 1916

Posted by Dick on May 23, 1916
I left Kantara with Houghton, four men, and a cook by the midday forage train for Railhead, which is now level with Romani. Elliott and Kenning were to leave Kantara at 4:30 this evening with the horses and expect to get here at 4 o'clock tomorrow morning. I got here about two thirty and we've been busy putting up the temporary horse lines and getting forage, etc.

The water for the horses is over a mile away at Romani - some wells in an oasis. I walked over there this afternoon to have a look at them and met a patrol of Anzacs coming in with a Turkish prisoner. They had come upon a party of about sixteen of them, but all had got away on camels except this one. He was a tough hardy looking ruffian, dressed in a sort of light khaki uniform with baggy breeches and puttees, a red sash, and a red and yellow handkerchief on his head which hung a good way down his back.

I hope our move is genuine this time and we shan't have orders to go back to Kantara as soon as the horses arrive here.

Bombardier Davy has left us today, he is going back to England as he has been given a commission in the East Anglian R.F.A. He will be a great loss to the battery staff.

I shall curl up now for a nap, but it will have to be with one eye open as the horses may arrive any time between two and four.

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