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22 May 1916

Posted by Dick on May 22, 1916
Reveille 3:30 this morning and the whole brigade moved off and took up a position southeast of the aerodrome, and shot off about fifty rounds per battery. The General was watching and seemed satisfied with the results of the shoot. I had a glorious bathe later in the morning. As we were passing the Bikanir Camel Corps camp on the way back, the Indians brought out four black sheep and killed them in rather a revolting way and seemed to gloat over it too.

Orders came in this evening that our battery is to move out about thirty miles into Sinai in a day or two. To start with we shall be fairly near Romani, but I am pretty certain that the ultimate plan of campaign is a combined attack by land, sea, and air at El Arish. We've got some busy days ahead.

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