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Swaythling Grange

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The Grange, c.1920
The Grange, c.1920
'Japanese play' at the Home of Recovery, Swaythling, 1 Sep 1909
'Japanese play' at the Home of Recovery, Swaythling, 1 Sep 1909
The Grange (left)
The Grange (left)
Swaythling Grange, or The Grange, was a mansion house on the Stoneham Estate at Swaythling in South Stoneham. It was probably the manor house of the Manor of Mainsbridge alias Swaythling.

The house was at the corner of Wide Lane and Mansbridge Road at Swaythling village. It was probably conveyed to John Barton Willis Fleming with the Manor of Mainsbridge alias Swaythling in 1821.

Edmund Dummer (d.1724) lived there until his death, making alterations to the house[1]. (Elizabeth Fleming (d.1817) was his granddaughter.) Rev. Dummer Andrews owned the property until 1821.

Edwin Godden Jones[2] lived there until his death in 1842, leasing also the manors of Mainsbridge alias Swaythling and Pollack[3].

Rev. Frederick Beadon died there in 1880.

Miss Charlotte Maria Holden died at the Grange in 1892[4].

The Grange was used as the first Hampshire Home of Recovery, until 1912; the Home of Recovery was re-established after WW1 at Stoneham Park House.

It was demolished in 1974.


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  4. Charlotte Maria Holden was the niece of Dummer Andrews.
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