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South Stoneham

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Manor of South StonehamSouth Stoneham HouseWood MillsSouth Stoneham FarmSwaythling villageManors of Swaythling

The Fleming Estate's property at South Stoneham on the Stoneham Estates included the Manor of South Stoneham, and the manors of Pollack and Mainsbridge alias Swaythling. There was no village named South Stoneham, although there was Swaythling village, on the boundaries of North Stoneham and South Stoneham.

Manor of South Stoneham

South Stoneham was a small manor that comprised South Stoneham Park with South Stoneham House, South Stoneham Farm, Wood Mills and the Salmon Fishery, and an interest in the Itchen Fishery. The manor included a perpetual annuity of four pounds, payable to the owner of the manor by the Corporation of Southampton.

The Fleming Estate held a sequence of title deeds for the manor in Bundle 17, which show the property's descent after 1687, when Edmund Clerke left the manor in trust by his will, proved 1694[1]. There is a quitclaim dated 1704[2]. Edmund Clerke had married the daughter of Giles Frampton, who mortgaged the property in 1704[3]. In 1705, the lawyer Thomas Dummer, acting for his cousin, the naval engineer Edmund Dummer (d.1713), acquired the manor from Giles Frampton[4], and in 1708 the property was entrusted to Edmund[5], the same year as South Stoneham House was completed.

There was an assignment of mortgage of the manor by Thomas Dummer in 1711[6]. Following the bankrupcy of Edmund Dummer the same year, and his death in debtors' prison in 1713, and subsequent lawsuit between Thomas Dummer and the deceased man[7], the manor passed in 1716 to Edward Nicholas of Newton Valence[8]. In 1740, the manor was purchased by William Sloane[9].

For the subsequent descent of the manor to the Fleming Estate, see South Stoneham House.

In 1837, South Stoneham Farm, together with a portion of South Stoneham Park, was settled as an entailed portion of the Fleming Estate. For the subsequent descent of this part of the manor, see South Stoneham Farm.

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