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Manor of Priors Freshwater

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Priors Freshwater was a manor on the Isle of Wight Estates for a short period in the seventeenth century. It passed under the will of Sir Thomas Fleming[1].

The Victoria County History (1912) says:

PRIORS FRESHWATER evidently originated in a virgate of land which William Fitz Osbern granted out of the manor of Freshwater to the abbey of Lire soon after the Conquest. In 1203 the abbey owned 2 virgates of land in the parish which were granted with its other possessions to Sheen Priory in 1414. After the Dissolution Priors Freshwater descended with Godshill to the Millers, being owned by Sir Thomas Miller, bart., in 1781. It then seems to have been purchased by Leonard the last Lord Holmes and settled by him on his younger daughter Catherine, wife of Edward Rushworth, who was holding it in 1810. The manor now belongs to Lord Tennyson, having been purchased by his father, Alfred Lord Tennyson, in 1853.
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