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Manor of Godshill

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Godshill was a manor on the Isle of Wight Estates for a short period in the seventeenth century. It was previously held by Carisbrooke Priory, and presumably was acquired at the same time, around 1606, as Priors Freshwater and the Carisbrooke Priory estate.

The Fleming family retained the rectory and impropriations of Godshill until the 18th century.

The Victoria County History (1912) says of the manor:

The manor of GODSHILL is not mentioned by name in the Domesday Survey, but is probably included in the unnamed manors held by the abbey of Lire. It was evidently granted with the church by William Fitz Osbern to the abbey of Lire and held by the priory of Carisbrooke as part of its endowment. It followed the descent of Carisbrooke Priory until 1762, when it belonged to Sir John Miller. Of his son Sir Thomas the manor was purchased about 1781 by Sir Richard Worsley. Before the beginning of the 19th century it was divided into two parts, North Godshill and South Godshill. Both passed with Appuldurcombe until about 1860, when North Godshill was purchased by Mr. William Hatcher Barton, and South Godshill by Mr. Robert Vaughan Wynne Williams. Mr. Reginald Freke Williams now owns South Godshill, and North Godshill belongs to Mr. John Harvey, who succeeded Mr. Frank Barton in 1908.
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