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Manor of Carisbrooke

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The Carisbrooke Priory estate, synonymous with the manor of Carisbrooke, was leased to the Fleming family from 1606-1634.

The Victoria County History (1912) says:

At the final dissolution of the alien priories CARISBROOKE PRIORY was granted by Henry V in 1415 to the priory of Sheen in Surrey. The prior evidently leased it in 1504 for twenty-five years to Sir John Leigh, who in 1505 was given royal dispensation to hold the same. This lease passed to Sir James Worsley by his marriage with Anne daughter of Sir John Leigh, and Richard Worsley, son of Sir James, obtained a renewal of it. In 1570–1 Sir Francis Walsingham, who had married the widow of Richard Worsley, was given a thirty-one years' lease of the site, beginning from the expiry of the last lease. From Sir Francis it passed in 1590 to his daughter Frances, then wife of Robert Devereux Earl of Essex, afterwards wife of Richard Earl of Clanricarde. The site was leased by James I in 1606 for forty years to Sir Thomas Fleming, whose interest passed in 1613 to his son Thomas. In 1628 it was granted by Charles I to Edward Ditchfield, John Highlord and other trustees for the Mayor and citizens of London, to whom the king owed large sums. Sir Thomas Fleming was then in possession of the lease, but conveyed it in 1634 to John Bromfield. Bromfield mortgaged the site in 1646 to Thomas Overman, but it probably remained with the Bromfields, and is said by Worsley to have been purchased of them by Mr. Dummer, who held the estate in 1780 and in 1795. A manor of Carisbrooke, probably to be identified with this estate, was, however, in 1762 in the possession of Sir John Miller, and it was probably of him that it was purchased by Mr. Dummer. From the latter it passed apparently to Sir John Carter, for in 1812 it was held under his will by Dame Dorothy Carter and Arthur Atherley. It was still in the possession of the Carter family in 1859, but was held in the following year by Thomas Chamberlayne. It had passed before 1878 to Mr. Tankerville Chamberlayne, the present owner.
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