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List of meets of the Stoneham and Chilworth Harriers, 1901-02

From The Muniment Room, a resource for social history, family history, and local history.

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List of meets of the Stoneham and Chilworth Harriers in the 1901-02 season.


'Hounds have hunted 53 days & killed 18 brace.'

Kings Somborne, 4th
Swaythling Farm 7th
Mr Trimmer's 17th
Mr Gavin's 21st
Mr Maidment's 24th
Mr Wither's 28th

Mr Gradidge. Pitt 1st
Mr Fowle's 5th
Morestead Pond 8th
Chilworth Manor 12th
Mr Trimmer's 15th
N. Stoneham Farm 19th
Mr Lyne's 22nd
Netherhill Farm 26th
Mr Austen's 31st

Mr Drake's 2nd
Flower Down 5th
Mr Owton's 9th
Mr Stratton's 12th
Olivers Battery 16th
Nursling Mill 19th
Ashton Farm 21st
W Gradidge's. Pitt 28th
Swaythling Farm 30th

Mr Lavington's 3rd
Lake Farm, Fairoak 7th
Mr Parson's 10yh
Halterworth 14th
Sparshalt, 17th
Mr Stratton's 24th
Hensting 38thh
Flower Down 31st

Mr Lyne's 4th
Mr Parker's 7th
Wintershill 11th
Mr Nutbeems' 13th
Chilland 24th
Mr Triggs 27th

N. Stoneham Farm 8th
Mr Stratton's 10th
Halterworth 22nd
Sparsholt 25th
Mr Lavington's 28th

Mr Trigg's 3rd
Corhampton 6th
Droxford 11th
Mr Gradidge's, Pitt, 15th
N. Stoneham Farm 18th
Bramdean 20th

'Hounds have hunted 53 days & killed 18 brace.'


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