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Letter of the Tenants of the Fleming Estate to John Barton Willis Fleming, 20 Mar 1820

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Letter of the Tenants of the Fleming Estate to John Barton Willis Fleming, 20 Mar 1820, written at the time of the 1820 general election, and signed by 73 tenants. John Willis Fleming was elected for the first time as Member of Parliament for Hampshire.


To John Fleming Esq.


Having heard with surprise and indignation, that persons, for the base purpose of answering electioneering objects, have dared to spread reports injurious to your character as a landlord, --we the undersigned, who have the happiness of being your Tenants within the county, hasten to contradict, in the most unqualified terms, aspersions so foul and unfounded.

So far, Sir, are these reports from having a shadow of truth, that we should feel ourselves wanting in respect both to you and to ourselves, if we did not take this public opportunity of declaring, in the most positive and unqualified manner, that we have ever found you an indulgent landlord, a friend to the poor, and ready upon all occasions to promote the interest and ... [MISSING] ... in the deepest malignity. We are, Sir, with sincere respect and regard.

Brown HearnSarah YoungWilliam Elderfield
Jane RankinsJames ListRichard Withers, Jun.
John AustinDaniel EasementEdward Attwood
Daniel ListBenjamin HaylesGeorge Smith
Jonathan JolliffeMary BarkhamJohn Withers
James WickendeanJane SaundersFrederick Blundell
John WrightSarah MackettFredk. Blundell, Jun.
Richard YoungJames WoodmoreJohn Fox
Daniel BarkhamJohn FelthamWilliam Tarver
George WoodmoreJohn HoskinsAnn Fryer
William WoodmoreEdward BridgerWilliam Coward
James RaynerAnn DurmanSarah Coward
James BartonRichard DurmanBenjamin Rose
Hannah UrryWilliam KerleyJohn Vine
William YoungWilliam CooperJames Kerley
William BartonJohn DurmanMary Johnston
John DenhamJohn WallisAbraham Coombs
Richard FordJohn MinallAnthony Groves
William HaywardJohn PriddleThomas Porter
Jane BarkhamStephen StrideRichard Webb
Mary SeymourJoshua NelsonRichard Withers
Robert YoungJacob GaterJames Fryer
Barnabas FordJames KingT. A. C. Hall
John DyerHenry CantleW. H. Lintott
William Barton


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