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Letter of Pink & Arnold to Gus Read, 1930

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Letter of Pink & Arnold to Gus Read, 1930, setting out the terms of turf cutting &c. at Downend. 1 Jan 1930.


1st January 1930

Dear Sir,

Fleming Estate

We enclose you Cash for £7. 3. 0. for your bill. We notice you are charging 1/- a rail for cleaving. We do not think this was the price we arranged with you at all. We can buy the rails already cleaved for this money.


We settled with Mr Scovell to hand over to you from today. He has told you exactly what the terms are, but so that there should be no doubt as to the terms we put them below:-

You cut the turves and are paid 5/6 per 100 for cutting them and you sell these turves at such a price as you can obtain for them. This should be 16/- or over.

The purchasers dig their own top split for which they are charged 3/6 per yard or over.

You have to pay for all postages etc. and are paid 10% on the sale price of the turves and the top slip. Deducting of course the 5/6 per 100 for the cutting.

You pay the Estate a royalty of 4d per yard for all chalk sold. You dig the chalk and sell it at about 1/4 a yard, except to the Estate tenants who are entitled to have all they want at 1/- per yard.

You will please note that we have purchased from Mr Scovell a lot of dug chalk which he says amounts to considerably over 100 yards. This chalk you must sell at not less that 1/4 a yard and we will pay you the usual commission of 10% for selling this.

We have also purchased from Mr Scovell the digging tools anounting to about 10 --, 2 spoons, 4 picks, and a tool shed. These of course you can use, but they will remain the property of the Estate.

Yours faithfully,

Pink & Arnold

[To:] Mr Gus Read
The Bungalow
Combley Road
Haven Street
Nr. Ryde, 1. W.


  1. FHS:2311, 1 Jan 1930
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