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Letter of Alan Arnold to John Willis Fleming, 28 Aug 1938

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Aug 28th '36

Dear Squire,

This is a very different atmosphere to that I have been accustomed to, and not half as congenial, still I mustn't complain for I've now had a good holiday and thank you very much for it.

Newman will attend to the Car licences on Saturday, in the meantime I return the 2 certificates of Insurance.

I have written Munro about the timber we marked at Invercharron, and also to Grant about his cottage rent, as we did not arrange that when we fixed up old Sim. I told Munro to write me about that inn shed & sawbench, but if he should see you about it, I think we ought to stand out for £50 whether the sawbench is included or not. I did not mention any price to him, but told him to make an offer – then he can't cut our asking him down by half!

I have paid Ross his bill £104 for repairs at Dunie Croft, & have done Dr Anderson £10 which he was entitled to under the Agreement with Mrs Bruce Williamson at the end of his tenancy.

I am sending to your Bank today £500.

You will remember that field opposite Home Farm Eastleigh Ord. No. 30. 27.611 acres reduced by 1.5 acres when Leigh Road was straightened so that 1.5 acres in now on the south side of the road. We sold 6 acres for the factory site & 12 acres to the H.C.C. for schools – so there should be about 8 acres left. The Southampton water main runs under it, & you will remember the pylons stand on it, & notwithstanding these obstacles, I have reserved an offer of £450 per acre for it. This offer should I think be accepted, unless you are getting like old Tanky C. & want to close a good sale by asking £100 per acre more than the offer!! I don't think I can accuse you of that.

I have not been up to the Manor yet, but hope to do so tomorrow. I hear that the usual Burglar has paid a visit there last Thursday, but I cannot hear that he took anything. You really must tell your friend the Superintendent to instruct his constables to keep an eye open whilst you are away.


I enclose Oliphant's letter of the 20th from which you will see that the use of the approach to the Bothy is provided for in the deposition. It should have saved some anxiety if he had said so at first, instead of suggesting that the approach was along the foreshore.

The other point, about your paying interest on the purchase money is I think reasonable, though quite different to an English custom which provides for the purchaser paying interest only if he fails to complete on the date named for completion. It can only amount to 1.5% on £5,000 for 4 months say £25.

I also return Oliphant's letters of the 12th inst. so that you may observe his instructions about signing the disposition & plan.

Yours sincerely
Alan Arnold


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