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Letter fragment from a servant boy at Chilworth

From The Muniment Room, a resource for social history, family history, and local history.

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Written by 'G Boor' perhaps? Not dated, but c.1900? Fragemnt only.


Dear Mother

I am writing to you hoping to find you quite well. It was very good of Mr Clark to send me to such a lovely place. When I reached this beautiful house I found 7 girl servants and the coach-man foot-man and a few others. The butler is more like a Gentleman. I have not seen Charles Samlers[?] yet, but I expect I shall see him tomorrow, – I started work almost as soon as I got there. My work is to clean knives every morning and boots and wash up and to get the servants table ready for meals. A young man named Percy is very nice. I sleep along with him. I should have liked to have seen Mr Clark before I went but he was out. There are four or five children down here. Mr Filimore[2] came to the bank with me as well. Percy and I go to bed at half past ten and we get up at 6 o’clock in the morning. We have breakfast at 8 o’clock and dinner at 1 o’clock and tea at 5 o’clock. We have nice food for meals. Mr Clark sent Mr Sloman up to Waterloo ... [ends]


  1. * Willis Fleming Historical Trust WFMS:18
  2. Presumably 'Phillimore'
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