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Farms at Binstead

From The Muniment Room, a resource for social history, family history, and local history.

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In the 19th century there were five farms at Binstead, the largest of which was Binstead Lodge Farm (formerly known as Binstead Farm).

FarmAlso known asTenants includeLocation
Binstead BargainBarton's[1]BarkhamEast of Church Lane and adjoining Binstead Hill
Caves FarmCave[2]WrightBinstead Common Pits
Binstead FarmUnnamed in 1817 SurveyYoungAdjoining and northeast of Binstead Lodge Farm
Binstead Lodge FarmBinstead FarmBarton, Hallett, YoungAdjoining and east of Newnham Farm
Unnamed farm near Binstead ChurchFordAdjoining Binstead Church


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  2. 1851 Census
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