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Estimate of costs of running Chilworth House and farm, 1872

From The Muniment Room, a resource for social history, family history, and local history.

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Costs of running Chilworth House as estimated by Richard Pink.

Rent of House and Farm175
Rates Assessed & other Taxes & Licences80
Repairs Painting &c.60
Butler, Footman & Boy83
Cook and 6 maid servants165
Seeds Tools &c.20
Coals for Garden20
Coachman & Grooms wages100
Keep of 4 Horses150
Repairs of Harness and Carriages100
Shoeing Smith20
Liveries for Servants100
Carriage porterage & Tolls30

Additional indoor expenditure includes

Laundry Bill £120
Coal and Wood Bills £110
Beer Bills £90

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