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Court Baron of North Stoneham Manor, 17 Oct 1749

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The Court Baron of William Fleming Esquire, Lord of the Manor held there Friday the seventeenth day of October in the twenty third year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord George the second by the Grace of God of Great Britain France and Ireland, King, Defender of the faith, and in the year of our Lord 1749, before Isaac Le Gay, Gentleman, Steward of the said Manor.

The Homage-
George Hill John Chilver John Wallis John Hobbs John Orpwood
Ambrose Mersh Robert Pope George Durman John Vine
John Channell.

We present our Custom is that their Custom is that the Copyhold Tenants of this Manor are to have timber to repair their Copyholds if it be there to be had by assignment of the Lord or his Woodward. And if not assigned in 10 days after demand, to cut without assignment with timber as will serve their turn.

We present that the Copyhold Tenants of this Manor have right to Common and Common of Pasture in all the Common and Common Woods appertaining to the said Manor & Pannage for their hoggs in the same.

We present that the pollards growing on the tenements are the tenants belonging to the Copyholds Estate and are to be used on the same.

We present that the Copyhold Tenants of this Manor may lawfully cut timber on their respective copyholds for Plough, Boot Gate, Boot Cart, Rail Boot without assignment to be used on their Copyholds.

We present that the Underwood growing on the Copyholds are the Tenants.

We present that the Copyhold Tenants of this Manor may cut bushes, furze & fern & may dig sand, clay, & gravel on the Common and waste of this Manor to be used on their Copyholds & not elsewhere.

Margin note - The Lord protests against cutting bushes.

We present that the Common Meads are to be laid up, the first day of March and the hay to be rid there by the eighth of September following.

Margin note - The Lord protests.

We present that if any Tenant of the Manor shall stye any hoggs on the Common or waste of this Manor, shall for every hogg turned to Common unringed, forfeit the sum of six pence & for every hogg styd, six shillings.

We present That the great Royal Timber growing on the Copyhold Tenements are the Lords and the tops, lops are the tenants, according to the Custom of the Manor.

We present That if any Tenant of this Manor shall be known to cut or carry away furze, fern or heath out of this Manor, he shall forfeit for every load five shillings.

We present That the Copyhold Tenants of this Manor, may dig Malm (clay used to make bricks) in their own Common Meads to improve their Copyholds.

We present That all the Tenants of this Manor who have not done their Suit & Service there holden for this Manor and do amerce themselves one shilling for not appearing, to wit-

Charles Vine, Richard Bodycoat, Jacob Coles, Christopher Long, George Wooldridge otherwise Ireland.

We present that John Barfoot, William Gardiner, Joseph Rose, William Bibblecombe, William Todd, Thomas Leal, James Vere, Robert Sivier, Sarah? Garrett widow, John Baldrey, Joseph Cluier,? Susan? Spicer widow, Elizabeth West, & John West, Thomas Bushell, Baten widow, William Wilton, Thomas Dear, Nicholas Pescod, Thomas Webb, ---- Atwood widow, Aaron Wood, are cottagers incroaching on the Lord and Tenants of this Manor.

We also present that the Proprietors of Swathling Farm have lately had several acres of the Common called North Stoneham Common allotted for them by the Lord of this Manor with the consent of the Tenants thereof, in lieu of their right of Common for their twenty eight Rother Beasts thereon for the said farm, and that their right of Common is therefore now extinguished.

We also present that Ann West widow dyed since the last General Court, seized of a Copyhold Estate within this Manor which she held by her widowhood, and therefore no heriot is due, and that Dame Ann Pile, wife of Sir Francis Seymour Pile, Baronet, is the next taker thereof.

We also present that Elizabeth Braddvill widow dyed since the last General Court, seized of a Copyhold Estate within this Manor (which she held for her life) whereupon there happened to the Lord a heriot & thereby the said premises came into the Lords hand.

George Hill Ambrose Mersh John Chilver Robert Pope John Wallis George Durman John Hobbs John Vine John Orpwood John Channell Haywards.

John Chilver John Hobbs Elected by the Lord Elected by the Tenants Sworn.

Entered and examined by Isaac Le Gay, Steward of the Manor aforesaid.


  1. Court book for the manors of Romsey Extra, Romsey Infra, and North Stoneham, 1743-1782  (WFMS:1658 | HRO 102M71/M10)
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