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The Belvedere

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The Belvedere, 1839
The Belvedere, 1839
The Belvedere Lodge after the arch had been demolished. Photo: The Stoneham Archive.
The Belvedere Lodge after the arch had been demolished. Photo: The Stoneham Archive.
The Belvedere, or Belvedere Lodge and Summer House, was a summerhouse and lodge on the edge of North Stoneham Park at Bassett on the Stoneham Estate. It was sold in 1951[1].

Built around 1736, this white landmark stood at the high north-west corner of the Park. Jeremiah Milles described the Belvedere in 1743:

‘On the bleak common ... Mr Fleming built a most beautiful summer house, about 5 or 6 years ago. It consists of one room most beautifully and richly adorned with stucco both on its sides, and the roof: & is one of the compleatest rooms of the kind yet I ever saw. In the front of it is an Ionick portico of 4 pillars, in a very good taste: & underneath is a kitchen, larder, & other conveniences for dressing dinner; Mr Fleming often dining here in the summer time.’ –Jeremiah Milles, 1743

The Belvedere could be seen from some distance; John Bullar described 'a pretty view of Mr. Fleming's elevated summer-house' from West End[2].

By 1819, the architect Thomas Hopper had converted and remodelled the Belvedere as a triumphal arch, Stoneham’s principal gateway, including a replica of part of the Parthenon Frieze. The architect C R Cockerell described it as 'an ostentatious gateway in a beautiful view', but J Hewetson was more effusive:

‘The Belvedere Lodge, at the upper part of the Park, erected after designs from Mr Hopper, is probably the most splendid in the kingdom, arising as well from the incomparable beauty of its situation, as from the remarkable taste displayed by its architecture.’

It was mostly demolished around 1900, although a portion remained in use as a lodge house.

Tenants and occupiers of the Belvedere

  • Henry Marks (1851[3]), occupier
  • Caleb Thorn (1861[4]), occupier
  • Ann Thorn (1871[5]), occupier
  • Charles Tenman (1881[6]), occupier
  • Marianne Ellis (1891[7]), occupier
  • - Biggs (1911[8])
  • Harry Snelgrove (early 20thC[9])


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