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19 July 1916

Posted by Dick on July 19, 1916
Busy filling up wagons and limbers with ammunition before breakfast. Bathed later this morning. The Ayrshire Battery arrived tonight and took over our emplacements.

One of our aeroplanes came back from a reconnaissance this evening, and we've just had her report in. 3500 Turks and Germans, with seven thousand trotting camels are at Bir el Abd, which has for the last month or so been clear of the enemy. Five thousand more Turks are in an oasis a mile or so behind it, about twenty two miles from us. An attack is expected tonight, and the Ayrshire Battery are in our emplacements. We've got to get ready to move out on mobile column at a minute's notice. It looks as if our long wishes for a chance is now an absolute certainty.

If we are not attacked tonight we are going down to Romani at six o'clock tomorrow morning and shall advance from there when things begin to move.

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