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6 June 1916

Posted by Dick on June 6, 1916
A very strong wind got up during the night, which of course brought on a sandstorm. I was sleeping just outside the dugout and got nearly buried alive. I stood by at three am and dismissed the detachments about five. When I got back to camp, I found several tents flattened out, including my own, and the contents buried in sand.

Working out ranges and switches on the right section most of the morning. Bathed about midday. It was about the roughest sea we've had here so far; really big waves that knocked us flat.

Began digging an alternative O.Pip for the left section this evening. An interesting intelligence bulletin in this evening which contained a report by one of our agents who has just been to El Arish. He said he heard it said there that the Turks mean to attack us on or about the sixth of June, with a large force including six hundred Germans. Being June 6th this evening we may expect some liveliness. The report also said that the Turks expect a big force of Bulgarians to join them at El Arish shortly. They seem to be getting a very motley crowd together.

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