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28 May 1916

Posted by Dick on May 28, 1916
I warned the left section to stand by at three thirty, and dismissed them at six as all was clear. From seven till ten we worked hard on the new emplacements and they are beginning to grow. Too hot to go on digging after ten so we went down and had a glorious bathe. A troop of Anzacs came down and swam their horses.

From five o'clock this evening till ten we were hard at work on our new gun positions. A fatigue party of the Scottish Horse came and filled sandbags for us for an hour or so. It will take several days before the emplacements are properly finished and the men's dugouts and ammunition pit dug, but the general said it was most important that the guns should be in them tonight, so we had the teams up, twelve horses to a team, and got them in as soon as it was dark and about a hundred rounds of ammunition to each gun.

The colonel is going to stay on with us tonight and go back to Kantara tomorrow.

I am a bit sleepy tonight as I've hardly had any at all the last three nights.

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