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12 May 1916

Posted by Dick on May 12, 1916
One of the sick horses died in the night and I am not surprised, as yesterday was a very long trek for the climate. We spent a very uncomfortable day on Hill 70, a broiling sun and no shade whatsoever, and clouds of flies swarming everywhere and tormenting us all day. Jeans and the Colonel rode out during the morning and said we were to march the remaining seven miles back to camp in the cool of the evening. We left just after four and got back to Kantara about six. We lost the other sick horse just before we got to Hill 40.

I had a bathe soon after seven and it was nice to get in the canal again. "Kitty" has hardly turned a hair and was as happy and gay as ever coming in tonight, but I hope the staff won't play any more games like that with us. We hear they are going to send us to Mahamdiya when they can find more water there.

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