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6 April 1916

Posted by Dick on April 6, 1916
Away again early this morning to the guns; I got back and had a lovely bathe about midday. Rode out the other side of the canal after lunch with Elliott and finished getting ammunition into the wagons and limbers as we are going to shoot tomorrow. We have got to take up our position and do everything exactly as we shall if the Turks attack. I got the teams hooked in about dusk and took the guns to the position the brigade is going to hold. I got back over the canal to the camp soon after eight, ravenously hungry. Franklyn down with a bad go of fever tonight, but I expect he will shake it off in a day or two.

I do wish we were going to let fly at the old Turks tomorrow, but I don't believe they will even try and attack the aeroplane. People tell us there is a strongish Turkish post about forty miles away; our flying men pop over and say good morning to them periodically, and drop a bomb or two.

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