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13 April 1916

Posted by Dick on April 13, 1916
The wind died down again last night and we had one or two rain storms. Out early this morning with the guns. I have put Kitty on the sick list for a few days to be physicked so shall have to ride anything I can get hold of for the next day or two.

I bathed about eleven, it was quite rough for the canal today, as the wind was rising again. Just as we were getting out of the water the first signs of an approaching sandstorm began, and it was a very painful business as the sand, driven by the wind, stung like anything. We got back to our tents just about in time, as by twelve o'clcok the sand began to fly properly. Driven by a strong wind, it got in everywhere, even through the canvas of the tents. Several tents succumbed and many others were only just tightened up in time. Food, clothes, blankets, and everything are nothing now but sand heaps. The storm went on all this afternoon and it wasn't long before nearly all of the cook houses of the brigade, which are just native rush netting fastened to poles, were flattened out. One tree was blown down near the horse lines but luckily did no damage.

One thing is the horses were sheltered from the storm a bit by the row of trees along the side of the Sweet Water Canal; it's the only cover there is.

The major, to cheer us up, has been telling us that these storms very often last three weeks! And if that's the case, as our eyes, ears, and mouths are already full of sand, in three week's time some of us, like the horses, will be down with sand colic!

The storm eventually stopped just before seven o'clock this evening, and about time too. I only hope we shan't have a repetition, as I am not particularly keen to see another.

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